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Julio CMMS ,

Joomla! Content Management System


Version 1.5.0

Version 3.0 or later.



Julio CMMS  is a CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) software designed to sit in  Joomla! Content Management System extending it's functions, and taking advantage of a world popular development environment .  A lot of companies pay as much as $100 per user per month to track the maintenance of their equipments and other assets. That's $1000 for a team of 10 technicians for a single month only. This product is designed to help such companies. With only about $3000 you get everything - the users, unlimited number of equipments, unlimited number of parts, all sitting on your machine under your control with no expiry / renewal date ,etc. You are in charge!

The marriage of JulioCMMS with Joomla opens a new world of possibilities to your technicians and engineers. We know we will not be able to imagine all its achievable advantages.

Too good to be true ? Yes it is true, we already have testimonials. You will love what you will see; you may want to go through the videos and tutorials to have a feel, or scroll down to see some of the features.

Our payment partners are Avangate / 2checkout - a global brand. They inspected the software in 2017 and gave us their approval in April 2017. We had been selling eversince using their platform without a single unsatisfied customer; we've never had a single issue reported.


See it on the Map Asset Locations; plan your route.
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Location Detail


Asset Location

East 27 Street and Campus Road,

Brooklyn, NY 11210

Equipment Status: Not In Service
WO Due: Tuesday, August 30, 2017 at 4:00 PM

Latest News From Blog

You can build websites not only in English, but also in Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Hebrew, Catalan, French, etc. The list of available languages is huge. Julio CMMS takes advantage of this fact and so can be translated for you into your language of choice.

Why Joomla Known Facts.

  • Popularity +

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  • Joomla is international +

    You can build websites not only in English, but also in Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Hebrew, Catalan, French, etc. The list Read More
  • Integrated Features +

    Joomla is well coded. As a non-developer, Joomla is the platform you'd prefer to train on since it has a Read More
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Examples Sites Running on Joomla



Lipton Tea

Popular Unilever Brand

Favorite Tea, Available in 40 Countries

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Michael Phelps

Swimmer - Athlete

Most decorated Olympian of all time

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Homepage of Linux OS

8 of 10 most reliable internet hosting companies ran Linux distributions on their servers.

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Features Packed Full of Goodies

Mode Access

Julio CMMS has both frontend and backend. You may choose to register certain users to the frontend and reserve some resources for the backend users. As you will.

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Since the Codes are with you and written in PHP the most popular language on the web, it is not difficult for you to add a functionality. Example,you can make an event send you an SMS if you have that platform.

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Config Options

Julio CMMS is loaded with configurable options. These determine how the component will work for you. They are better seen than described. (Please see Demos).

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Additional Features


Basic Components

Work Requests, Work Orders, Preventive/Scheduled Maintenance (Time and Meter Trigggered), PM Calendar, Nested Locations , Assets, Parts, Business Relations, Assets Relocation, Tested and Trusted Joomla Code base, etc

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Maps, Geo tagging of Assets, QRCodes and Bar Codes, Templates and themeing Options, Julio CMMS Module for Joomla, Joomla Menus and Articles links on JulioCMMS views, *Mobile Support with Speech to Text and Offline Capability will be ready very soon,  Runs well in all popular servers etc.

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