1. Download and Installing Joomla
  2. Download JulioCMMS zip file into Joomla and you have a full blown CMMS
  3. Add User Groups. Eg. As you have in the demo site. Maintenance Team, under Administrators as parent. Other Groups, eg, Plumbers, Fitters, etc. with Maintenance Team as Parent.
  4. Add Users (Or let them subscribe from the frontend), and assign them to User Groups
  5. Create Locations
  6. Add Your Assets to their locations
  7. Add Parts
  8. Add Business Relations
  9. Create PMs
  10. You can then start adding Work Orders and Work Requests. et cetera.
  11. You don't have to add these items one by one, you can use import function, for example to add many parts at once from a CSV file, et cetera.
Add Users