1. Backend

  1. Go to the Locations list page at Admin → Components → Julio CMMS → Meter Readings .
  2. Click New green Button to take you to the Meter Readings Page.
  3. Fill the Meter Readings form. All required fields are marked with * .


Add Reading


Add Reading


2. Frontend

At the Admin area,

  1. Create a menu; you can call it Julio CMMS.
  2. Add a menu item to Julio CMMS menu, of type Meter Reading form. Name it 'Add an Meter Reading' or what you will
  3. Make Sure you select Published on the Right.
  4. Click Save and Close.
  5. Go to  the front-end site and check to see that the 'Add a Meter Reading'  Menu item is showing, and test the link to see that the form is showing. You may also add any other type this way. Example Meter Readings: Shows list of Meter Readings, Single Meter Reading: shows a particular Meter Reading Item on that Page.

 If it is showing a kind of  bar bones page with the form, that's because you are using the default front-end template Joomla is shipped with. But you can use our template or any other template of your choice and assign it appropriately.   There are thousands of Joomla template on the internet, both free and commercial.

You can read details about the Joomla Menus here. And you can read about Joomla templates here.  It's a lot of fun!

Joomla Menus Doc

Joomla Template Doc