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Features of Julio CMMS

  • Real-time Asset Management
  • Intuitive and Very Easy to use CMMS Software
  • Full Mobile Access from all Mobile-Phone/Tab Browsers
  • Dedicated Mobile Application *
  • QR Codes and Bar Codes Support.*
  • Limited Offline Capabilities*
  • Create and Assign Work Orders
  • Work Order / Job Costing
  • Low cost CMMS GUI Translation to Any Language
  • Recurring Work Orders
  • Automatic Work Order Scheduling
  • Employee Work Hours tracking
  • Drag and Drop File(Asset Pictures, Documents) upload for Work Orders, Equipments, Parts, etc. 
  • Dual Ends Work Request Issuance(Public Site or Admin).
  • Issue Work Requests (Unassigned) and the Convert those to Work Orders (Assigned)
  • Users can Record Work Hours/Minutes Spent on Work Orders
  • Preventive Maintenance Calendar
  • Unlimited Guest Requests
  • Extends Both Joomla Backend and Frontend.
  • Julio CMMS Front end Modules (Gives you the ability to publish data from your CMMS onto your live Joomla website/intranet directly).
  • Extensible design as is Joomla. 
  • Look and Feel: Multi-template Support.
  • * mobile app (almost ready)
  • Global Map Support.
  • Geo tagging of Assets.
  • You get the source code for both the database and Web Application.
  • Powerful Multi-group  Roles and Access Level Control.
  • False Pagination Option (Adjusts the internal workings of the CMMS such that you can query against millions of records at very high speed without upgrading your system).
  • Joomla Contents Link-back: Associates an article or Joomla Category to a Work Order, an Asset, a Location,etc.
  • Locations are a Nested Set e.g. Site/Building/Floor 3/Room 2B/Locker ; Site/Building/Floor 2/Room 1/Balcony
  • Multi-location Supporting CMMS is Equally Suitable as Grounds, Parks and Golf Course Maintenance Software
  • Parts, Chemicals and Tools Inventory Management
  • Business Relations Listings
  • Assets Relocations Tracking.
  • Affordable CMMS Software - Implementable Within a few Hours.
  • Highly Scalable and Robust [No limits on Size of Organisation].
  • Unlimited CMMS Users 
  • Unlimited Assets .
  • Unlimited Locations 
  • Unlimited Parts 
  • Unlimited Work Orders 
  • Unlimited number of users can log-in at a time 
  • Configurable options: Gives you the ability to customize the Application to your company's needs.

And Many More



Features by Component.

  • Users +


    1. Unlimited number of users
    2. User Groups
    3. Access Levels
    4. User Notes
    5. User Notes Category


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  • Locations +


    1. Unlimited number of Locations
    2. Location is a Nested Set - Heirachical, or Like a Tree.
    3. Locations could be filtered by Several Fields; Filteres also take advantage of the nested set.
    4. Locations could also be sorted by Several Fields.
    5. Global Map Markings of Asset Locations
    6. Operations of a user could be limited to a Location item.


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  • Assets Management +


    1. Unlimited number of Assets, unlimited number of Asset types.
    2. Assets Management and Asset Location Geo tagging. Pllaced on a map for easy geo tracking.
    3. Assets Import. You can easily import from Excel CSV file of your Maintenance Records .
    4. Assets could also be sorted by Several Fields.
    5. Global Map Markings of Asset Locations
    6. Operations of a user could be limited to an Asset, or a number of Assets.
    7. Details of an asset, list of assets, and form to submit an asset could be displayed on the sites frontend as well as backend.
    8. The Julio CMMS frontend module could be used to display Asset items to go with a different Joomla component, article or category.
    9. Activity History of the Asset is logged.
    10. Online State and Movements of Assets from one location to another could also be tracked.
    11. Drag and drop associated Pictures and Documents
    12. Link back to any related Content Article item or Content Category in the Joomla Content Management System.


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