Dashboard Documentation

On the left is the Menu bar which you can hide by clicking the arrow on it's top right corner. On the right is the Current State Block: this gives a summary of everything going on in the system. For example, Total Number of Assets, Number of Recent Work Orders, Maintenance Backlog, etc. Last Scheduler Visits table shows the last 5 system update - which takes care of mails, messages and implementation of timed processes. For example generation of a Work Order from a Preventive Maintenance (PM) Schedule.

The Charts on the Centre is an appetizer for the upcoming Charts and Reports we are going to serve you. Stay tuned you will love it. If there is any particular type of chart you wouldn't like to miss, please use our feedback form and let us know.

Controls: Options Button

Before Using the system, the first thing to do after installation is to set your configurations. Click on the Options button to set your configuration Options. For example, you are to set your root location to your current location where the Assets to manage are using Root Latitude and Root Longitude. But you can do that automatically by clicking the particular spot on the map. If the map does not show, select Root Co-ordinates Tab and Click Save. You can zoom in and out of the map, you can also Toggle the map to fullscreen. On Company Tab, Fill in your username and Download ID. That will enable you to update successfully anytime a new version is released. All the options have Descriptions of what they mean.

Translator Documentation

Joomla is equiped with a language override feature. It gives you the power to change the translated text of core Joomla or the texts of Joomla Extensions including Julio CMMS. To do this the Joomla way, you can use this tutorial as guide .

Julio CMMS Translator feature takes it to another level. It lets you change the texts of Julio CMMS in batches - many at ones. And also lets you retranslate the files of Julio CMMS core if you want.

Control Buttons:

Build Table: Reads all Julio CMMS Language constants into its work table for operations; and loads them into the lists view.

Save Overrides: Saves any New input text into overrides list. (This becomes the visible text in the frontend). Even in event of update, the overrides don't get overwritten.

Retranslate: Replaces the Julio CMMS text instead of creating an override.

Clear Table: Empties the Overrides Work table.