Release News

Julio CMMS 1.6.0

May 31, 2021

We all survived COVID-19's year 2020, but it gave you a better software - we came back with a Bang! Version 1.6.0 is our biggest update yet. We waited a little bit more to make it really grand. And here it is - the codes are 70% bigger.
  1. My Work Orders page element which shows a list of work orders created by or assigned to a user.
  2. Admin Interactive Static Image Maps on Locations,assets, parts and work orders for floor plans, descriptions. You can draw on uploaded images and add annotations from the admin area.
  3. New Asset Health field - Lets you add Custom Questions and Tasks on Work Orders and PMs
  4. The Craft Field in Work Orders. and PMs. You can now add custom Craft on the Configurations page
  5. The Tables: Sales Summary, and Products. (Lets the Mobile App give you visualizations on the state of your performances which you can compare with other visualizations, etc. )
  6. New Fields For Vendor on PM and Work Orders
  7. There is now Select SetDay on Schedule Trigger which lets you specify particular Weekdays or Month Dates for your PM
  8. There is now a more intuitive Tree Layout on Add Asset Types Tab. You Can Right -Click on Node To Create, Rename, or Delete an Item. You Can also Copy or Cut, and Paste Nodes (with their children).
  9. Added Duration field in PM - lets you specify the time from generation of a Work Order and Due Date.
  10. End Date is now considered on the PM Dates Preview.
  11. Additional field on PM supports multilevel Asset types node selection. (Set to 12 levels).
  12. Julio CMMS Mobile App Integration Support*
  13. Added Options for Hiding some fields from the front end forms (as requested from user feedbacks). So you can now for example decide to hide the Serial Number of Your Assets from the front-end Asset form.
Videos - What is New in Julio CMMS Version 1.6.0 ?

Julio CMMS 1.5.6

October 29, 2019

  1. Improvement on the PM Form.
  2. Additional fields are added to capture Meters to Read in a Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  3. There is now also primary Instructions Summary field instead of just the Instruction Steps.

Julio CMMS 1.5.5

October 2, 2019

  1. Added Active Logging System to some basic primary actions. For example Saves, Deletes ,Updates on the block Work Order,etc are now logged automatically.

Julio CMMS 1.5.4

August 8, 2019

  1. Added an Update Plugin hooked to the login process. With this you can not miss a thing as it now gets executed before you successfuly log in (as against doing that via Ajax when you are already in). Of course your cronjob intervals still run.