Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many minutes to deploy Julio CMMS on Joomla +

    Julio CMMS is a Joomla Extension written to strict Joomla Standards. So just drop Julio CMMS zip file unto the installation file upload space and you will be up and running in no time - less than 5 minutes if we must say that. Read More
  • Can Work Orders be published at the front-end +

    Yes! That's the Double Advantantage we advertise. And not only Work Orders; you can display all Julio CMMS items: PM, Parts, Equipments, Locations, Business Relations, Work Requests, et cetera on the public site. Including forms to capture, listings of these items, and details of each item. You can also display any item of each on a Joomla front-end module. It is fully integrated with Joomla. Read More
  • Is the demo the same software I will get, if Yes why is Julio CMMS so cheap? +

    Yes, it's the same software. It is that cheap because Joomla is free. And we are also making a sacrifice to reach out to as many people as possible. We don't yet know how long our Promotion Pricing will last. Congrats! that you got it now. Read More
  • What do I do to become a Reseller ? +

    Once you register as our member, you are automatically a Reseller. When you login to the site go to Member Access → My sales. There you can see how well you are doing on marketing. So go ahead and tweet and share your links to your friends. If they click on the links to register, then you are automatically credited. Read More
  • Someone said maps may not work while others say it is working. +

    Maps implement Google Map Service, which requires a key ID. You are to get your own key ID free of charge and replace the industry one Julio CMMS comes with. Check Configuration tutorials at Go to Options and change the ID to your Google Key ID. With that your map will always work. Read More
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