Work Order Form

Fill the Work Order form. All required fields are marked with *

You can watch the above video tutorial on Adding a Work Order.
You can toggle to fullscreen mode when the video starts.

Work Order List

On the left is the Menu bar which you can hide by clicking the arrow on it's top right corner.

The Charts on the Centre is an appetizer for the upcoming Charts and Reports we are going to serve you. Stay tuned you will love it. If there is any particular type of chart you wouldn't like to miss, please use our feedback form and let us know.

Star Controls:
New Button

Use this to create a new Work Order

Edit Button

Use this to Edit a selected Work Order

Generate Work Order

Use this to create a new Work Order using an existing Work Order as a template.

Geo-Active Button

This takes you to a map showing the locations of the assets of your current Active Work Orders. With this visual display, you are better equiped to plan your Route

Action Buttons.

Each of the 3 Action Buttons has a tooltip describing it's function and operates on its corresponding item on the list.

Other Controls:
You can do batch processing on selected items with the other buttons.