Joomla is equiped with a language override feature. It gives you the power to change the translated text of core Joomla or the texts of Joomla Extensions including Julio CMMS. To do this the Joomla way, you can use this tutorial as guide .

Julio CMMS Translator feature takes it to another level. It lets you change the texts of Julio CMMS in batches - many at ones. And also lets you retranslate the files of Julio CMMS core if you want.

Control Buttons:

Build Table: Reads all Julio CMMS Language constants into its work table for operations; and loads them into the lists view.

Save Overrides: Saves any New input text into overrides list. (This becomes the visible text in the frontend). Even in event of update, the overrides don't get overwritten.

Retranslate: Replaces the Julio CMMS text instead of creating an override.

Clear Table: Empties the Overrides Work table.